Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

Above Under Inbetween

Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner gets us to take a fresh look at the city and its architecture. His show Bodies in Urban Space, which we presented in 2010 and which was a revelation, has also been produced in Paris, Philadelphia and London. His dancers once again take over the city in their distinctive style. They take house, garden and kitchen furniture out of its familiar context and set it up in the street, where they breathe new life into it. The dancers move above, under and between the furniture.

concept, choreography : Willi Dorner | dance, choreography : Megan Bridge, Tomas Danielis, Sebastian Gec, Åsa Odemark, Michael O’Connor, Anna Reitbauer, Esther Steinkogler | music concept, composition : Bernhard Lang | audio-softwaredevelopment : Thomas Musil, IEM/KUG | visual-interfacesoftware- development : Iohannes Zmölnig M, IEM / KUG | stage : Katharina Heistinger | production management : Elke Hesse

production : Cie. Willi Dorner | co-production : LINZ09, Dance Advance - Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage | support : Cultural office of the City of Vienna | thanks : Simon Dove & Arizona State University

Brussels realization : Kaaitheater, Charleroi Danses, Platform Kanal

Willi Dorner

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    • 15 sept 16:00 > 17:00
    • 16 sept 15:00 > 16:00
    • Family | Performance | Walks
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