Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

The Rocket Boat Day

Are you a bit of a tinkerer? Are you fascinated by speedboats, rockets or empty plastic bottles? Would you like to be a cool dad or mum? Would you like to be the fastest to cross the canal? If so, this is the project for you. Make a boat in your own time or come and build it at a workshop, give it the necessary power with a rocket...and see which one will be the fastest. A gentle breeze sends a whiff of smoke lovingly into your face. A race for self-built boats and meat grilling on the barbecue. Bring your own steaks or fish or whatever!

production : FoAM

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    • You don’t have to participate to the workshop
      to participate to the race. The rockets for the race
      are delivered by the festival.
    • 15 sept 13:00 > 16:00 workshop @ FoAM | 16:30 > 19:00 rocket boat race + BBQ
    • RESERV. T 02 201 59 59
    • Family | Performance | Workshop
    • pict-11workshop @ FoAM
      30-34 Quai des Charbonages
    • pict-02rocket boat race + BBQ
      Quai des Péniches
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