Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

Kanal Scratch Orchestra

Kanal Scratch Orchestra is the ultimate one-off orchestra consisting of just over 80 musicians and artists – both professionals and beginners – from all over the world. They stand on the bridge of the Porte de Flandre and invite passers-by to enjoy a magical moment. Under the direction of conductor Baudouin de Jaer and MET-X, this unusual orchestra brings Festival Kanal 2012 to a close, in style and harmonious chaos. A volcanic eruption, a musical experience in which you too can take part. Whether you have musical skills or not – no problem. Spontaneous and direct.

direction : Baudouin De Jaer | musicians from : Shanti!Shanti! / Lieve Franssen, Zappa / Véronique Delmelle & Marc Galo, Velotronix / Jo Zanders, Remork, Fanfakids, Fabotastix, a.o.

production : MET-X

Met-X / Baudouin de Jaer

  • FR EN NL
    • 16 sept 16:00 > 17:00
    • Family | Performance
    • pict-14Pont Porte de Flandre
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