Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

Support / Surface

Lotte Van den Audenaeren’s field of action is the urban landscape. She arranges words or images in places where it is unusual to come across them. She seeks out identities and forms links. Where is the highest common denominator? Words drawn from conversations with local residents and passers-by are projected onto the water of the canal. The water becomes a surface, a new space, a screen, a link.

concept : Lotte Van den Audenaeren | technical realization : Kaaitheater

Lotte Van den Audenaeren

  • FR EN NL
    • 13 sept 21:00 > 07:00 (continuous)
    • 14 sept 21:00 > 07:00 (continuous)
    • 15 sept 21:00 > 07:00 (continuous)
    • Installations
    • pict-16Bld Barthélémy en face de Dépôt Design
  • PLAN