Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

Somewhere Here

Somewhere here, there is something that you can see and I can’t see. Somewhere here, something beautiful is growing that I have already walked past ten times. Somewhere here, a story is being played out before my eyes that I have never heard. The children of the final year of Vier Winden de Molenbeek primary school go in quest of a different way of looking at their everyday surroundings. During Festival Kanal, they send you through their district. Your impressions, stories and discoveries form the basis for their further investigations. In May 2013, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts will present the project in Molenbeek.

concept : Inne Goris

production : Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Inne Goris

  • NL
    • minimal participation takes 30’
    • 16 sept 14:00 > 18:00 (continuous)
    • Family | Stories | Walks
    • pict-09Basisschool Vier Winden 9 Chaussée de Merchtem
  • PLAN