Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

On a voyagé

As children, we dreamt of sailing on the sea in a little boat. All you needed was a piece of paper and a little imagination. But it usually remained just a dream. Not for German artist Frank Bölter, though: with a huge sheet of paper and a little help from the public, he makes a boat. He gets in and the voyage starts. With a bit of luck he will remain afloat for a few hours. If he’s unlucky, he will sink before he reaches the bank, but as captain, he will remain aboard! He hopes to travel as far as possible. Join the trip. Come and fold your dream boat.

concept : Frank Bölter | Brussels realization : Kaaitheater

Frank Bölter

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    • 15 sept 14:00 > 15:30: folding | 15:30: boat launching
    • 16 sept 13:00 > 14:30: folding | 14.30: boat launching
    • Family | Performance
    • pict-02Quai des Péniches
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