Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012



Festival Kanal is the closing piece in the monumental Icons exhibition. Since the start of July, this exhibition can be seen at three very busy locations near or on the canal. Local young people went in search of their icons. Who are their examples, their role models ? With what mirrors do they look towards their future ? With the support of photographer Kurt Deruyter, they have pictured themselves alongside their icon. Some very different young people, and some very different photos. From superstars to mums via fairytale characters and philosophers. Take your bike and discover the locations and the photos.

coaching : Kurt Deruyter | architecture : Brussels Cooperation | installation : Kontrimo & Urban Media & ART2WORK

production : ADT-ATO & Platform Kanal

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    • pict-03Square Sainctelettesquare
    • pict-19Porte de Ninove
    • pict-22Abattoirs Anderlecht
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