Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012

De/Les Habitués

Three multifaceted Brussels authors have gone native in the canal area specially for the festival. Passa Porta invited French-speaking poet Laurence Vielle, author and biologist Galicien Xavier Queipo and Dutch-speaking author and theatre director Pieter De Buysser to each choose a location and examine life there during the summer months. Each then wrote a text based on his or her experiences. During Festival Kanal, we get to know the writers, their texts and their world on a delightful evening walk that takes in the three locations.

coproduction : Passa Porta / Platform Kanal

Pieter De Buysser / Xavier Queipo /  Laurence Veille

  • FR NL
    • 14 sept 20:00 > 22:00
    • 15 sept 20:00 > 22:00
    • RESERV. T 02 201 59 59
    • Performance | Walks
    • pict-infospoint INFO - Porte de Flandre
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