Festival Kanal 13-16 septembre 2012


A wooden boat fitted with solar panels and an almost silent motor on a canal used practically exclusively as a transport route for goods. Take a trip on this boat, powered by sunlight, as it slips gently through the water like a duck. The captain welcomes you with stories – authentic, fantastical, old, new and hilarious. A completely new view of the canal is opened up. This is a taxi such as you have never taken before.

concept & production : FoAM & Nadine

Taxi Service

  • FR EN NL
    • max. 7 people at a time
    • 16 sept 12:00 > 16:00 (continuous)
    • Family | Stories
    • pict-01embarcadère Avenue du Port
    • pict-07pont rue de l’Avenir
    • pict-14pont Porte de Flandre
    • pict-17escaliers canal rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil
  • PLAN